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Speaker repair / replacement

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iPhone speaker replacement Service

Poor audibility or its complete absence during a conversation is a common problem with the iPhone. The main symptoms of a malfunction: are a quiet sound or its complete absence, extraneous noise, and visible mechanical damage.

iPhone voice speaker replacement

With the release of each new model, starting with the iPhone 3G, Apple continued to improve the quality of communication. This was largely due to the improvement of the radio part, but the excellent speaker that every iPhone model is equipped with today, not only the most technically advanced iPhone 5S and 5C, but also earlier generations of the iPhone 5, iPhone 4, and 4s, and even the iPhone 3GS, also played a significant role.

However, the speaker may be damaged while using the smartphone. The reason for this is, as a rule, non-compliance with the rules of operation and improper handling (for example, ingestion of liquid), and not at all a factory defect. And in this case, the only thing that can help is the iphone speaker replacement service offered by us.

Professional speaker replacement

Replacing a voice speaker on an iPhone is not that difficult if you have all the necessary equipment, skill, and experience. All these are possessed by specialists of the Voice Link, Mobile Repair center in Dubai, who are ready to fix your failed iPhone as soon as possible. Moreover, we can fix most breakdowns, including a failed voice speaker, in the presence of the client. In our iphone speaker replacement service, we use only original spare parts, each of which is provided with a 90-day warranty. We also provide six-month Speaker Replacement warranty

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